12.JAN -21.h /// CCB

Ten years, four albums and more than 300 concerts after his debut album, British singer and pianist Anthony Strong has established a reputation as a charismatic singer, swing pianist and, above all, a consummate artist.





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26.FEV -9.30pm /// Casa da Música

28.FEV -9pm /// CCB

A case of success in Portugal, where they always sell out their halls, the Glenn Miller Orchestra, directed by Maestro Ray McVay, returns to our contry.




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30.ABR -9pm /// CCB

The London Community Gospel Choir don't need intruductions in our country, continuously exhausting each show in each room where they perform with the contagious energy of their performances that leaves no one indifferent, innovating every year.




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05.JUN -9pm /// CCB

Magical is one of the most commonly used adjective to describe one of today's most acclaimed jazz voices, Stacey Kent American singer who in irrepressible Portuguese celebrates the music of some of her idols, interpreting Tom Jobim themes , Vinicius de Moraes, Sérgio Mendes, Roberto Menescal and Marcos Valle, among original compositions and some unavoidable jazz themes.




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