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22.JUL - 7pm /// CCB

From Brad Mehldau a lot has already been said: superb in his training and classical technique, Mehldau is someone who turns jazz standards into Bachian escapes, who turns rock hits into the most brilliant jazz compositions that have a hand left capable of the most intrinsic arpeggios.





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26.OCT - 9.30pm /// CASA DA MÚSICA

28.OCT - 7pm /// CCB

The Glenn Miller Orchestra continues to delight in its shows with the greatest hits, Moonlight Serenade, In The Mood, Tuxedo Junction or Chattanooga Choo Choo.




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05.NOV - 9pm /// CCB

06.NOV - 9.30pm /// CAE

The London Community Gospel Choir don't need intruductions in our country, continuously exhausting each show in each room where they perform with the contagious energy of their performances that leaves no one indifferent, innovating every year.




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06.MAR - 9pm /// CCB

Rendezvous With Marlene is a show based on a three-hour phone conversation between the legendary Marlene Dietrich and international star Ute Lemper in 1988 in Paris.





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